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What is Rescap

Supplementation of RESCAP® to patients with a normal renal filtration rate before cardiothoracic surgery, significantly reduces the time to reach hemodynamic stability and effectively decreases the occurrence of severe complications in these critical care patients.

RESCAP® (RESCuing Alkaline Phosphatase) is the proprietary name for our medication based on the enzyme alkaline phosphatase (AP).

AP is naturally present in the body and is part of the innate immune system (‘first line of defence’). Inflammation, induced by the release of inflammation triggering molecules like ATP from damaged cells and other, sharply increases under traumatic/hypoxic conditions and causes organ damage.

Alkaline phosphatase detoxifies these inflammatory molecules. RESCAP® intervention has the potential to prevent inflammation, to prevent and restore leaky boundaries and to prevent ischemia-induced organ damage and therefore restores the normal homeostasis and thus accelerates recovery of patients in the ICU.

Enzyme suppletion plays a crucial role in the recovery process for patients in critical care.

Inflammation, induced by the release of ATP and other inflammation triggering moieties, sharply increases under conditions needing critical care and causes organ damage.

Under critical care conditions, the levels of Alkaline phosphatase in the blood sharply decreases, leading to inflammatory organ damage.

Alkaline phosphatase, an enzyme naturally present in the blood and on physiological barrier systems, detoxifies these inflammatory moieties.   

Supplementing the ‘self’ alkaline phosphatase with RESCAP® prevents the critical care related organ damage and inflammation and therefore restores the normal homeostasis.

ACCELERATE recovery!


Numerous studies conducted on animals and hundreds of patients have unequivocally demonstrated the safety of alkaline phosphatase, with no reported side effects from intravenous dosing. This is expected, given that alkaline phosphatase is a natural constituent of human blood.


Cardiothoracic surgery is a complex procedure that carries inherent risks, one of which is the potential disruption of kidney function. A significant number of patients undergoing such surgeries have historically experienced complications related to acute kidney injury. 





RESCAP® reduced the time to hemodynamic stability with approx. 30% (p < 0.001)

Reduced the chance to develop acute kidney injury after cardiothoracic surgery with 70% (p < 0.05).

Clinical Trials

Alloksys has initiated several clinical trials and clinical investigator-initiated trials in critical care medicine , e.g. in major surgery such as CABG (Coronary artery bypass surgery) and solid organ transplantation, and burn trauma


Intestinal Alkaline phosphatase is dosed intravenously from a sterile solution in vials which contain alkaline phosphatase dissolved in a stabilizing buffer.